Ripples: Kath McBride - EDO NSW

Ripples: Kath McBride of Tolarno Station

Katharine McBride by the Darling River in the far west of NSW: 'the EDO helps us get the story out about river degradation'.

EDO NSW has been defending the Murray-Darling Basin river system for years. Since the Basin plan was made, we’ve acted as an independent watchdog, identifying problems with mismanagement, over-extraction and a failure to consider the effects of climate change on the system. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with communities on the river, who’ve trusted us with their accounts of how the mismanagement of water is affecting their lives. 

So far, with the help of our supporters, our work has borne fruit, leading to multiple investigations and reports, a Royal Commission and the creation of an independent NSW water regulator that has seen a flurry of criminal investigations. Our own civil enforcement case will take place this year, seeking remedies designed to ensure that any water found to have been unlawfully pumped from the river is restored to where it is urgently needed.  

Help us defend communities on the front line and advance the law to protect our precious water resources.

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