EDOs of Australia Submission on the independent review of the ‘water trigger’ legislation

EDOs of Australia submission on the independent review of the ‘water trigger’ legislation.

29 January 2016 - Download PDF

EDOs of Australia firmly support the 'water trigger'. However, we believe that it should be broadened to apply to all large mines that excavate beneath the water table and to all large unconventional gas projects, including water intensive shale gas.

Furthermore, having analysed the operation of the ‘water trigger’ over the last two years, we are now in a position to propose further amendments that would improve the trigger’s capacity to protect water resources. Specifically, the Act should be amended so that:

  • the Minister ‘must not act inconsistently’ with the IESC’s advice when determining a project; 
  • conditions of consent are required to reflect the IESC’s advice; 
  • the Minister must not approve a project until the developer has adequately addressed any concerns raised by the IESC in their report.

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