Submission on the NSW Coastal Management Reforms - EDO NSW

NSW Coastal Management Reforms

Submission responding to the NSW Coastal Management Reforms

February 2016 - Download PDF

Our submission, EDO NSW identifies seven Key Actions that are necessary to conserve sensitive coastal environments, build resilience to the impacts of climate change and ensure that all development in the coastal zone is consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development. These Actions are:

  1. A catchment-based approach to coastal management, supported by appropriate mapping 
  2. An emphasis on strategic planning and proper assessment of cumulative impacts 
  3. The creation of ‘red flag areas’ to protect sensitive coastal environments 
  4. The acquisition of sensitive coastal areas by the NSW Government 
  5. Development controls that are in all instances consistent with ESD 
  6. A new approach to managing sea level rise in NSW 
  7. Appropriate resourcing to facilitate compliance and enforcement

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