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Developing a NSW Koala Strategy

Developing a NSW Koala Strategy

March 2017 – Download PDF

This submission responds to the Government’s initial call for input on a Koala Strategy for NSW. 

We strongly support a whole-of-government approach to the protection of koalas. In our submission, we identify laws and policies that need to be improved to secure the future of koalas, and provide examples where planning laws and biodiversity protections are failing. 

We show that that the new biodiversity and land clearing laws due to commence in 2017 do not address – and may even exacerbate – the problems of declining koala populations. We reiterate several important issues that have yet to be addressed in the review of the State Environmental Planning Policy for Koala Habitat Protection (SEPP 44), such as cumulative impacts and climate change readiness. 

Finally, we argue that, given the very significant decline of several key NSW koala populations, the NSW Scientific Committee should review the koala’s threat status in NSW, and clarify the relationship with federal listings and recovery plans.

See also our January 2017 Submissions on the SEPP Review (State Environmental Planning Policy 44 – Koala Habitat Protection).

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