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Community gets extra chance to comment on species impact of Manly Vale school development

We've successfully ensured that a Species Impact Statement for a development at Manly Vale Public School is re-exhibited for public comment for a period of 30 days.

23 November 2016

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Another brilliant year of public interest environmental lawyering

By Sue Higginson, EDO NSW Chief Executive Officer

18 November 2016

We’ve just released our 2015/16 Annual Report, so I have been in a retrospective mood, looking back at all we achieved between July 2015 and June 2016. And what a twelve months it was.

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Casino or Parkland? Community group fighting to save a public park planned for Sydney’s foreshore

On 14 November 2016 a legal battle begins to save a public park planned for the foreshore of Sydney Harbour. Millers Point Fund Inc, represented by public interest environmental lawyers EDO NSW, is challenging a decision by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) to allow the Crown Casino development at Barangaroo, in Sydney, to be located on land that had been originally set aside as public parkland.

14 November 2016

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Law of the Land: Rise of the Environmental Defenders

In Sydney in 1981 a small group of people met to conceive a bold dream – a system of law that had been geared primarily to protect private property and individual freedom should be regularly used to protect the commons against the depredations of those very interests.

Law of the Land

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It was by no means the first time or the first place that the potential of law to advance environmental values had been recognised. Conservation organisations of various kinds have existed for a long time and have shown a remarkable growth since the middle of the 20th century. From time to time they have been able to employ, or recruit on a pro bono basis, lawyers to assist them in their campaigns.

What was remarkable about the 1981 gathering was that it was a meeting of lawyers who were themselves environmentalists who wanted to establish a legal service that would be on call to protect the environment, and indeed might even at times be seeking lay clients with the courage and fortitude to take up the role of litigant.

The organisation that resulted four years later, originally the Environmental Defender’s Office of NSW Inc., now officially shortened to its nickname, the EDO NSW, remains as it was conceived in 1985, a lawyers’ organisation.

The rest, as they say, is history – a history told with passion, thoroughness and insight by Murray Hogarth in this book. 

- The Hon Hal Wootten AC QC

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Appeal of Santos’ CSG water treatment facility near Narrabri begins

An appeal by community group People for the Plains, from North West NSW has begun in the NSW Court of Appeal. The appeal challenges an earlier court decision that gave Santos a green light to operate its 'Leewood' coal seam gas (CSG) wastewater treatment facility near Narrabri and the world-renowned Pilliga State Forest.

1 November 2016

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Recognising Aboriginal culture and heritage: our laws need improving

By EDO NSW Principal Solicitor Elaine Johnson

10 October 2016

Current laws in NSW take a very Euro-centric, materialistic approach to protecting Aboriginal culture and heritage. It’s an approach focussed on the protection of ‘stones and bones’ that fails to properly recognise the spiritual and cultural connections to Country. Yet Australia’s Aboriginal heritage is much greater than just physical, archaeological evidence – the law’s ‘materialistic’ view of Aboriginal history misses the unique culture and spirit that connects us to Australia’s past and continues to enrich our society today.

NSW heritage laws are in desperate need of reform.

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The Board of Directors provides strategic direction and governance to our organisation.

The Board is elected at the annual general meeting held each year. Board members all work on a voluntary basis to maintain the values, integrity, independence and professionalism of EDO NSW.

The Patron of EDO NSW is Hal Wootten AC QC.

Board members

Dr Bronwyn Darlington – Chair
CEO, Agscent Pty Ltd
Academic: Global Executive MBA, Sydney University Business School

The Hon. Michael Barker – Director

Susanne Behrendt – Director
GM Finance and Operations and Company Secretary, Institute of Managers and Leaders

Pepe Clarke – Director
Project Director, Outback to Oceans Australia, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Kate Galloway – Director
Associate Professor of Law, Bond University; adjunct position, University of Western Australia

Catherine Hathaway – Director
Global Head of HR, Graincorp

Jan McDonald - Director
Professor of Environmental and Climate Law at the University of Tasmania

Joe Morrison – Director
Six Seasons Pty Ltd

Jeff Smith – Director

Phil Vernon – Director

Community group appeals decision to allow CSG water treatment facility to operate near Narrabri

Community group People for the Plains has appealed the Land and Environment Court decision that gave Santos a green light to operate its 'Leewood' coal seam gas (CSG) wastewater treatment facility near Narrabri and the world-renowned Pilliga State Forest.

30 August 2016

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Managing water flows in the Murray-Darling Basin: a rebalance will benefit us all

By EDO NSW Policy and Law Reform Solicitor Dr Emma Carmody

29 August 2016

Between 2007 and 2016, the focus of laws and policies on the Murray-Darling Basin has shifted from restoring the health of the Basin to mitigating the socio-economic costs that may be linked to environmental water recovery. This refocus not only threatens the survival of the Basin’s water resources and water-dependent ecosystems, it ignores the link between sustainable water ‘take’ for human use and the long-term viability of Basin communities.

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How science helps us defend the environment through law

Have you heard about our Scientific Advisory Service? Ever wondered how the service works? As we mark National Science Week, here are two case studies showing how science and scientific expertise help us defend the environment through law.

15 August 2016

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