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What’s the latest in NSW forestry reform?

The draft Coastal Integrated Forestry Operations Approval (draft IFOA) proposes a new rulebook for public forestry in NSW.

By Rachel Walmsley, Director Policy and Law Reform, EDO NSW 

13 September 2018

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2018 EPLA Conference details announced

Oceans, Planning and Climate Change are the central focus of the 2018 EPLA conference, to be held on Thursday 25 and Friday 26 October.

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Threatened Species Day 2018 - EDO and Fauna species

On Threatened Species Day 2018, here are just some of the fauna species that have been the subject of litigation and legal advice work by EDOs across Australia 


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Cultural diversity in the law panel discussion

BJ Kim, International Program Manager at EDO NSW, spoke on Cultural Diversity in the Law at a well-attended Tuesday Q+A panel organised by the Asian Australian Lawyers Association.

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Climate science in court – an Australian first

A packed courtroom sat in silence on Tuesday afternoon, while Counsel Robert White made his closing arguments to the Chief Judge and Senior Commissioner on why the Court should refuse approval for the greenfield Rocky Hill coal mine.

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Indefinite approval for Ashton mine refused by IPC

The Independent Planning Commission (IPC) has refused a key amendment which could have given the Ashton South East open cut coal mine project an indefinite approval timeframe.

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Gloucester hearing: Week two – climate change on trial

24 August 2018: This week the Land and Environment Court heard evidence, for the first time, on climate science and the urgent need to stay within the global carbon budget by leaving the Gloucester coal reserve in the ground.

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Water in international law

Dr Emma Carmody, our Senior Policy and Law Reform Solicitor and water law expert, spoke on a panel on international law and water at the International Law Association Conference in Sydney this week.

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ABC News: Gloucester coal mine hearing

"For the first time, climate change has been cited in a legal battle to prevent the coal mine from going ahead". 

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Gloucester coal mine hearing: Week one

The hearing into the proposed Rocky Hill coal mine at Gloucester opened in the Land and Environment Court in Sydney last Monday 13 August 2018.

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