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Thank you cockatoo

Thank you for your wonderful donation. Your generosity will help defend the environment from harm. A receipt has been automatically emailed to you.  If you do not receive this in your inbox, please check your junk mail.

Your gift actively supports our work to provide access to justice and protect the environment through law, including:

  • Providing Australians with legal advice and education, empowering them to take part in decisions that affect their lives and local environment 
  • Ensuring environmental laws and policy are fit for purpose and applied correctly
  • Running court cases on behalf of individuals, communities & environmental organisations 
  • Advancing the law by creating new, improved legislation & policy that centres the law around environmental protection

Thank you for your belief and your commitment to environmental justice. You are making a real difference.


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Have you thought about making your gift go further? Many companies offer 'matched funding' as part of their corporate responsibility program and often match donations to charitable causes. A phone call to your HR department could double your donation. To express our gratitude to your organisation, we can issue you with a certificate of appreciation. Contact us to find out more.