Threatened species listings: 13 species - EDO NSW

Threatened species listings: 13 species

The NSW Government has assessed 13 species for inclusion on the EPBC Act threatened species list. These include:

    • Acacia meiantha, a flowering plant;
    • Bossiaea fragrans, an erect shrub;
    • Caladenia attenuate, Duramana fingers;
    • Callistemon purpurascens, Myrtaceae;
    • Diuris eborensis, Donkey orchids;
    • Eucalyptus largeana, Craven Grey Box;
    • Eucalyptus sp. Cattai, a small tree;
    • Grevillea caleyi, Caley's grevillea;
    • Pomaderris cocoparrana, a shrub;          
    • Pomaderris delicata, a shrub;
    • Solanum bauerianum, Bridal flower
    • Wollemia nobilis, Wollemi pine; and
    • Zieria parrisiae, Parris’ Zieria.

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