Visitor from Solomon Islands - EDO NSW

A visitor from Solomon Islands

William Kadi, Senior Legal Officer with the Landowners Advocacy and Legal Support Unit of the Solomon Islands Public Solicitors Office, is spending two weeks working in the EDO NSW office.

William, who graduated from the University of the South Pacific in 2015, took over the Wagina case – the first ever merits appeal in the Solomons - in mid-2018. At an afternoon tea to welcome William to the office, he told EDO staff that the Wagina victory in March 2019 was conveyed to him as he stood at the top of a hill trying to get mobile reception, having travelled south from Honiara to talk to residents near the oil spill from a coral reef shipwreck the month before.


William, centre, with EDO NSW staff.

William is currently working on the response to the appeal by the developer in the Wagina case, with assistance from our International Program.

William speaks five languages and is also a singer/songwriter and recording artist, hoping to give his music a sharper environmental focus.