Water Amendment Bill 2018 EDO NSW

Water Amendment Bill 2018

Water Amendment Bill 2018 (Commonwealth)

EDO NSW Briefing Note and Key Issues Summary

May 2018 - Download PDF

On 10 May 2018, the Water Amendment Bill 2018 (Bill) was tabled in the Australian House of Representatives. The primary purpose of the Bill is to facilitate the re-tabling of the Basin Plan Amendment Instrument 2017 (No. 1) (NB Instrument). In order to understand the implications of the Bill, it is therefore necessary to analyse the NB Instrument, which was disallowed by the Australian Senate on 14 February 2018.  

Similarly, as both the Bill and NB Instrument interact with the recently passed Basin Plan Amendment (SDL Adjustments) Instrument 2017 (AM Instrument), we have deemed it necessary to include an analysis of the AM instrument in our briefing note.