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Workplace giving

Workplace giving (or payroll giving) provides you with an opportunity to make tax deductible donations to charities from your regular pay. Even a small regular donation can make a big difference when combined with other regular donors.

For employers, workplace giving can provide a low cost, administratively-simple way to create community-business partnerships through mobilising significant funding and volunteer involvement.

For EDO NSW, workplace giving provides long term, stable funding for our core programs. This funding requires little administrative cost, meaning your donation gets to where it is needed most.

Workplace giving is an effective way to make a big difference and has enormous potential. If just 10% of the Australian workforce donated $5 pre-tax a week through workplace giving, an extra $300 million per year would be raised for the community sector.

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Supporting EDO NSW through Workplace giving

If you are an employee

Workplace giving is a great way for you and your workmates to make a difference together. It lets employees donate to charity from their pre-tax pay, meaning you receive an immediate tax refund.

By spreading your donations through pay deductions over the year, you can ease the financial burden of making a larger one-off donation. There is no requirement for you to collect and track receipts for tax time, as a summary of your payroll deduction donations will be included on the PAYG Summary issued by your employer in July each year, for inclusion in your tax return.

How to get involved

Talk to us about the work EDO NSW does and the support we can give you to start workplace giving and talk to your employer about setting up a workplace giving program and make giving count. More information about participating in workplace giving can be found at

Call us on 02 9262 6989 or email for more information.

If you are an employer

Workplace giving is a win-win-win for employees, employers and charities. Employees enjoy giving small pre-tax amounts together to make a big difference. Employers value how workplace giving programs bring organisational values to life, boost employee morale and improve staff retention rates. Charities gain reliable donations.

By establishing a workplace giving program and involving employees in the design, delivery and outcomes, your organisation has the opportunity to make a difference on social and environmental issues, build staff engagement, harness the collective generosity of its people and enhance your reputation in the communities in which you operate. Many employers also match their employees’ donations, making donations go even further. Matching is a great way for an employer to generate organisational pride and build staff engagement. In addition to workplace giving donations, employers may encourage employees to share their time and skills with their workplace giving charity partners.

How to get involved
We endorse workplace giving as a key component of any corporate engagement program. Talk to us about how you and your employees can support us and make giving count. Call us on 02 9262 6989 or email or visit for information about how to set up and promote workplace giving.